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Cómo crear un equipo técnico y el primer MVP por Marc Collado de Ironhack. 24 de noviembre 2015 (Barcelona).

Media for equity por Daniel Romy de Media Digital Ventures y Xavier Pladellorens de Deporvillage. 25 de noviembre 2015 (Barcelona).

Cómo crear un equipo técnico y el primer MVP por Alvaro López de Ironhack. 1 de diciembre 2015 (Madrid).

Hackshow Barcelona con la colaboración de Ironhack. 4 de diciembre 2015 (Barcelona).

Ideas for Barcelona – evento para emprendedores por Jesús de Molina. 23 de diciembre 2015 (Barcelona).

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‘Bachelorette’ contestant Julien Hug committed suicide
Julien Hug, the onetime “Bachelorette” contestant whose body was found in rugged terrain Wednesday, committed suicide, a family spokeswoman said Friday.
The only son of Bertrand and Denise Hug left his parents a letter saying he felt suicide was the only way out, Audrey Doherty said on their behalf. The Hugs own two well known restaurants in the San Diego area; after dining with his parents Sunday, Julien was heading back to Palm Desert on Monday to help run their newest eatery.
“Our son meant the world to us and this came as a complete shock. We are beyond devastated and completely distraught,” the parents said in a statement. “In his letter to us he stated that he was suffering from acute depression and he felt it was his only way out.
“While publicly outgoing he was an extremely private person who internalized everything.” They said they decided to address the media after being “devastated” by comments they saw from sources outside the family. The other notes went to his girlfriend and to co workers, People magazine said.
His live in girlfriend of two years, Jennifer Bell, described Julien as misunderstood. “People wanted him to be this star. That TV show was not even 1% of who he was . He went on that show to travel and explore adventure,” she told Radar. Forest Service access road. Sunset and the terrain caused investigators to wait until Thursday to airlift the body out. The county coroner office had yet to release details on the cause of death, but Doherty said the 35 year old died of a self inflicted gunshot wound.
Hug was the second bachelor eliminated in Season 5 of the ABC romance reality show, which aired in 2009 and featured Jillian Harris as “The Bachelorette.”
Christie D Associated Press contributed to this report.
Photo: Julien Hug on May 22, 2010. Credit: Tammie Arroyo / Associated Press
Related dispatch from the Ministry of Gossip:
contestant Julien Hug found dead in SoCalThis story about Julien Hug is getting stranger all of the time. When did the family get the suicide note? Was it left at their house in Rancho Santa Fe on Sunday night when Julien Hug apparently departed for Palm Desert in his Jeep. Or was it mailed to them by Julien after he left his parents house? How long did his parents have the suicide note in their possession? Did they know he was intending to commit suicide when they filed the missing person report when he failed to show up for work at their Augusta Modern restaurant in Palm Desert on Monday morning?
There have also been conflicting reports about the timeline in this matter. It was widely reported that the father stated that Julien phone “went dead” when he was on Highway 74 enroute to Palm Desert on Monday and that nobody “heard from him since.” Did he ever arrive in Palm Desert on Sunday night or early Monday morning after midnight? It was reported that he had been living in Palm Desert for the past 3 months and was visiting his parents home in Rancho Santa Fe on Sunday. They have been nothing but pure happiness to me.” Yet, that period obviously included the time in 2009 when he was on the Bachelorette show trying to become the object of affection of another woman.
It is possible that Julien arrived in Palm Desert on Sunday night or in the early hours of Monday morning after driving from San Diego. If so, he then drove up back up highway 74 which intersections Highway 111 at the center of Palm Desert and continued about 17 miles up that windy road in his jeep and into the Pinyon Pines area where he drove as far out as he could on a fire access road into the forest. He could have also done on his way into Palm Desert via the back road approach of Highway 74 which is also known as the Palms to Pines Highway, but it is highly unlikely that he would have done that on Sunday night or in the darkness before the light on Monday morning, so it is quite likely he drove up to Pinyon Pines rather than going to work on Monday morning at his family Augusta Modern restaurant.
As to the police, it is very strange that the initial report on Wednesday or Thursday released to the public did not describe him as being found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head if in fact that is the way he was found. It is also very strange that the police said nothing about him being suspected of committing suicide if his family was in possession of a suicide note and informed the police as to that matter. It is also strange that they came out Friday and stated that there was “no evidence of foul play” as suicide itself is a crime and certainly foul play itself and not death from natural causes such as an accidental fall.
No description has been given as to where Julien lived for the past 3 months in Palm Desert nor as to whether anyone such as neighbors saw him on Sunday night or Monday.
The big question is, of course, why Julien would suddenly decide to commit suicide without either his parents whom he was in close contact with and his “live in girlfriend” Jen having any indications by their own statements that was even having any particular problems.
Wow. With all the free time on your hands to consider.
My take is his death is much less a mystery than your fascination with it is. I less interested in your response than I am with his passing. Both are sad but inconsequential to most.
Unfortunately, this isn an isolated case. Men in particular usually do not share their doubts and insecurities. Depression is viewed by many of them as a weakness. It a condition of this country and others where a facade of strength and “happiness” is valued above the “embarrassment” of exposing a darker side. Yet, without seeking proper help, they doom themselves to lives of pain, drug or alcohol abuse and despair. It doesn matter how you look, your age, social status or whatever. It usually a chemical imbalance that can be treated. If only they let their guard down and seek that help.
The nature of severe clinical depression is not understood by the public. People who are afflicted have an uncanny ability to mask their depression with gregarious, friendly behavior and interactions. Inwardly, though, they are suffering. Clinical depression is a mental illness, not merely an emotion. They cannot simply “get over it.” Like any severe illness, it needs to be treated by a specialized physician, often requiring hospitalization and drugs, and, in the most severe cases, invasive medical procedures.
With all due respect, please don judge this man. You obviously have never felt the depth of despair and desperation that a person feels when they suffer from chronic depression. I was diagnosed with major depression and the severe internal pain, guilt and hopelessness of the disease has robbed me of feeling any joy in my life. Depression has completely incapacitated me. The despair is so tremendous that I contemplate suicide often and sometimes have to get through the day an hour at a time (telling myself I can get through one more hour, and so on.)I am married to a wonderful man, have amazing children and live in a beautiful place near the beach in Central California. All of my blessings do not offset the incredible internal pain I live with every day. (“Pain” doesn even seem adequate to describe the depth of despair I feel.) Since diagnosed with depression 8 years ago I have been in treatment with medication and therapy on a weekly basis. I am on disability because I am unable to work, I have withdrawn from all of my friends and live in isolation due to my illness. If you have not experienced chronic depression, you can begin to understand the illness. Although I understand this man decision, it is tragic. Our society needs more insight into depression, and more compassion for those who suffer from it.
katie, you are wrong for I too went into the horror of the abyss and the masses at one time or another do consider suicide and as a high school teacher for 30 years, I witnessed many of my students cut and talk about suicide by the fact remains,,that there is a rainbow after a storm and killing onself does bring severe pain to the loved ones left behind wondering what they could have done and your assumptions are absurd for what i said about someone killing themselves for the moment is truly killing those left behind and as many psychiatrists have said, people who commit suicide are cowards to life.
lithium and prozac only turn one in to a zombie taking away any feelings and the person under drugs cannot deal with the truth of their sadness being sedated for i too was under lihtium and if katie wants sympathy and compassion, then she should be encouraging those sad and depressed to seek inner happiness instead of writing about how this guy needs sympathy for in fact, he killed himself and nobody else did.
All I can say after working with him and being friends with him, he was one of the kindest, most compassionate person that I ever known. It interesting that everyone from his friends, coworkers and clients all loved him. No one is angry. Everyone is so sad because they wish they wouldve known and been able to help. Julien was as thoughtful as could be while he battled whatever horrible depression he was facing. He kept on a long time pleasing others. All of his friends have great love and respect for him. I only wish I had him longer her but am honored that I knew such a honorable and classy man who was fun and kind and made everyone laugh. I will always love him know what a great guy he was despite strangers dishonoring someone they don know. He was a stud and irreplaceable. We love him back home!
my point is well taken and he didnt seek help but only masked his personality and if he was such a real friend as you say,,then he would have opened up to someone and not kill himself thinking that would be the only solution so therefore, I am sure he felt he had no friends and kept things inside internally and decided to leave this planet way before his time so think twice about what a true friend is for a real friend allows one to enter their soul.Loss of hair, known as alopecia, is a disturbing symptom for both men and women suffering from thyroid disease. Many types of thyroid conditions, including both hypo and hyperthyroidism, can cause hair to become dry, coarse and thin. According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, thyroid disease affects 27 million Americans, but more than 1/2 remain undiagnosed. Furthermore, more than eight out of 10 patients with thyroid disease are women, for whom hair loss can be especially devastating.
When the thyroid gland is under functioning, it is called hypothyroidism. Along with loss of hair, you may experience fatigue, constipation, coldness, headaches and weight gain. Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormone to regulate metabolism. Hair cells are one of the fastest dividing in the body. When under stress, the body shunts energy and nutrients away from hair cells to areas more in need. This can result in both diffuse scalp hair thinning and thinning of the outer edges of the eyebrows. Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, iodine deficiency, among other causes can result in low thyroid function and hair loss.
Overactive thyroid function, called hyperthyroidism, also may result in hair loss. With an abundance of thyroid hormone, weight loss, sweating, heart palpitations, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety and hair loss may occur. Although in this case metabolism is increased, the mechanism of growth in the hair follicle is still disturbed, resulting in more hairs in the telogen, or resting, phase rather than in the growth phase. Specific types of hyperthyroidism include Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goiter and thyroiditis.
Hair loss associated with improper thyroid function is usually diffuse. Occasionally, an autoimmune condition of patchy hair loss occurs called alopecia areata. The American Academy of Dermatology reports an association between this condition and autoimmune thyroid disease. Due to an attack by the immune system on the follicle, hair is lost in patches, resulting in small, round bare spots on the head. Specialized treatments, such as cortisone therapy, may be recommended to suppress the immune system.
If you suspect hair loss from thyroid gland dysfunction, seek out appropriate testing from a qualified physician or endocrinologist. A thyroid blood panel, including thyroid stimulating hormone, or TSH, free T4/free T3, and in select cases, autoimmune antibodies, can differentiate overactive versus underactive thyroid and identify an autoimmune etiology. If you are unsure whether your hair loss is related solely to thyroid disease, a dermatologist can investigate other hair loss culprits such as hormone imbalance, medication side effects and nutritional deficiency.
In time, treating the underlying thyroid condition usually results in improved hair quality and growth. Your doctor may prescribe thyroid replacement hormone for low thyroid function. While taking this medication, it is important to have your levels of thyroid hormone monitored periodically with a blood test to make certain they are in range. Failure to take the appropriate dose could result in continued symptoms. For hyperthyroidism, treatment options may include anti thyroid medication and radioactive iodine therapy to ablate your gland.Photo Credit: scribbletaylor via Compfight cc For every person trying to save a loved one, there’s one huckster trying to make a buck off that desperation. Monday morning the New York Attorney General’s Office announced closure of Nephrologica, Inc., a “company” that charged clients exorbitant fees to procure kidney donations. Owner and CEO Michael Goldstein is required to issue refunds to all of his victims and shut down the business he was running out of a house he shares with his mother in Nassau County.
But the craven exploitation of really sick people doesn’t stop there.
The address listed as the corporate address was in fact a post office box.
The Nephrologica website claimed to find “Healthy Living Compatible Donors” in as little as two weeks, despite the company never having located a kidney donor for a single client.
Goldstein offered to pay a man in India to collect on one of his kidneys, violating state and federal laws on the sale of organs.
“En Pricebets estamos orgullosos de pertenecer al ecosistema de SeedRocket que ha sido clave para la transformación de nuestro proyecto en empresa, en su aceleración como negocio y organización, además de facilitarnos el acceso a mentores e inversores que de otra forma no hubiera sido posible conseguir.” Carlos Saez, fundador de Pricebets.com
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