SeedRocket es la primera aceleradora que nació en España para startups TIC en fase inicial. Mentores. Inversión. Aceleración. Casos de Éxito. UNA METODOLOGÍA QUE FUNCIONA.


SeedRocket proporciona a los emprendedores acceso a una sólida red de mentores, business angels e inversores privados que apuestan por proyectos de base tecnológica que se encuentran en una fase inicial de su desarrollo. Éstos cuentan con una capacidad de inversión anual de 3 millones de euros.


El valor diferencial de SeedRocket reside en la implicación de business angels y profesionales de referencia del sector de internet, que comparten el objetivo común de potenciar el uso de las nuevas tecnologías y, en este sentido, aportan su tiempo, dedicación, conocimientos y capital, ejerciendo de mentores de la nueva generación de emprendedores.

Inscríbete en nuestros Campus de Emprendedores, que realizamos dos veces al año en Barcelona y Madrid.


Empápate de todo el know-how de profesionales, expertos y emprendedores que han pasado por tu misma situación. Comparte con otros emprendedores un espacio común de trabajo y conocimiento en la aceleradora de empresas de SeedRocket en Barcelona. Se trata de un ecosistema vivo de emprendedores dentro de un espacio compartido que facilita las sinergias y la colaboración entre empresas.


Por SeedRocket han pasado más de 2.400 proyectos que han sido analizados por su equipo, se han formado 192 startups de alto potencial crecimiento durante los 13 Campus de Emprendedores realizados, han pasado por la aceleradora 64 startups y de estas, un total de 43 han conseguido recibir inversión. En global, se han invertido 55 millones de euros en startups de SeedRocket, la única iniciativa que dispone de casos de éxito tales como Escapada Rural, Webphone, Glamourum (ahora Birchbox), Teambox, Kantox, Marfeel, Habitissimo, Uvinum, Captio, Deporvillage, Offerum o Chicfy. Puedes ver nuestra infografía aquí.

There are things humans must avoid thinking about in order to preserve our sanity namely, the inevitable death of all things, the futility of all our actions in a meaningless universe, and what goes on behind the scenes in fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, technology is making it harder to avoid that last one. The following things have been going on in the food industry since times immemorial. The only difference these days? All of this dreadful shit is now being meticulously cataloged on the Internet.
3. Social Networks Show Employees Getting Intimate with Your Food
If you’ve never worked in the food industry, you’ve probably wondered at some point how restaurant employees manage to be around all that delicious chow all day without touching it. Thanks to social networks and such, we now know the answer: They don’t.
Considering this is Taco Bell, he might actually be leaving those cleaner.
This Taco Bell employee just couldn’t help himself and started frenching a bunch of taco shells, then posted the image online. Apparently “developing strange new feelings towards food” is an inevitable part of the job, because something similar happened at a KFC in Tennessee, as these Facebook photos revealed:
Colonel Sanders would be disappointed, and slightly aroused.
But those employees showed admirable restraint compared to a Subway Sandwich Artist in Ohio who couldn’t contain his passion and went to third base with some bread. And, yes, then posted images to Instagram:If people wanted to deal with this crap, they’d have just gone to a real subway.
Think it can’t get any worse? Oh, how wrong you are .
2. Online Videos Expose Kitchen Grossness (And Sexy Times!)
When movies and TV show you the kitchen of a food establishment, it’s usually all clean white tiles and cooks with hairnets putting the finishing touches on their culinary masterpieces. Now, thanks to employees giving us backstage tours on sites like YouTube, we can finally find out how accurate that image is:
That tile isn’t actually brown .
Those images and this video were posted by an employee of a family themed Golden Corral restaurant in Florida. Ironically, the food had been moved to the dumpsters to hide it from the health inspector, who presumably showed up on the same day that the manager’s wife and mistress decided to dine on the same restaurant.
Meanwhile, here’s a screenshot of the owner of a pizzeria wanking:
When the owner of Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria in San Diego put up an unsecured surveillance camera in his kitchen, he probably didn’t know he’d end up livestreaming his spank session to the entire Internet. The man swiftly denied it was him, and judging from all these glowing reviews, apparently everyone believed him:
It’s been named the official Pizzeria of Chatroulette.
1. Restaurant Workers Accidentally Broadcast Their Racism
When you leave someone a bad tip, some part of your brain knows that as soon as you turn around, that person is gonna verbally tear you a new asshole. That is, five bucks on a $15 order. Papa John himself apologized for the incident.
But at least that jackass announced his racism on the Internet by accident the manager of a certain Asian restaurant in Hockesssin, Del., had even less foresight, openly insulting the race of customers who left small tips on Instagram.
Sadly, that’s like the 19th douchiest photo we’ve seen on Instagram this week.
Tired of cliche wizards and space opera? Check out XJ’s $0.99 science fiction/fantasy novella on Amazon here, with the sequel OUT NOW. And of course, you should look at his writing blog and poke him on Twitter. And happy belated birthday Nadia!Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Everyone loves food, except for breatharians, who are lying sacks of garbage. You can’t live on air! You crazy! But aside from those nutters, the rest of us enjoy sitting down for a nice johnnycake or some gherkins. Mmm, that’s filling.
You’d figure, of all our myriad freedoms, the freedom to eat would be one that almost goes without saying, one you take for granted, because who could possibly give a happy horseshit what you cram into your maw? Turns out all kinds of people care. Just look at Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, after being touched by Dr. Pepper as a child, went on a soft drink rampage to prevent everyone in New York from ever drinking them again. And it doesn’t end there! It goes on! In this article!
Olestra was set to be a miracle food when it appeared in the 1990s, a fat free substance that could take the place of real fat in snacks foods, thus allowing you to eat like some manner of Hutt while never growing to vast Porkins proportions. The FDA approved olestra in 1996 because it seemed pretty much super safe for humans.
Among the super safe side effects of olestra was a five fold increase in diarrhea compared to people eating natural fats. During one eight week study, subjects who ate 32 grams of Olestra per day, the amount you’d get in 3 ounces of chips, were running an even gamble on the squirts a full half of participants ended up with diarrhea.
Olestra’s big side effect in terms of sex appeal was anal leakage and staining of the underwear. Thanks to greasy, hard to wipe fecal matter (I didn’t even choose those words, that’s like a scientific observation), eating olestra could lead to back door streakage. Plus it had the potential for leakage of greasy ass resin out of the ol’ sphincter. It’s a pretty unwholesome package when you put it all together, and it basically suggests that olestra, while fat and calorie free, was going to make you shit yourself one way or another. No fat goes in, something is definitely coming out.
Canada ending up banning olestra, as did several European countries, thanks to Proctor Gamble not being able to prove that it was particularly safe. This, accompanied by the widespread news that eating it would make you drop an oily horror in your trousers, pretty much killed the product completely, although you can still hunt it down if you’re in the mood for a well lubricated snack food experience.
Samosas are a pretty delicious food popular in Asia and Africa that’s basically a fried pastry with either vegetables or meat and spices inside. Think of a Hot Pocket minus the shame. Generally they’re folded in such a way as to be triangular, because eating pointy things is where it’s at.
Since you can get samosas with nothing but veggies, and you can bake them if you’d prefer that to fried, and they’re often homemade and contain pretty good ingredients, it’s hard to think there’d be any reasonable grounds to ban them at all and, of course, you’d be right. This is about as reasonable as pooping in someone’s mail box.
In Somalia, a militant Islamist group called al Shabaab, which loosely translates to “the fucktarded,” banned the sale, production, or consumption of samosas because of the shape. Triangles, you see, are three sided. What else is three sided? Nope, not a penis, it’s the Holy Trinity! Samosas are therefore terrifyingly Christian and not to be trifled with. And it stands to reason that if you’re trying to be all shithouse rat crazy with your outlandish interpretations of religion, then God knows you can’t abide a pastry all jammed to its triumvirate gills with Jesus and crew. You take a bite, get some chicken, some potato, some cumin, and then a big, fatty Holy Spirit stuck in your teeth. The next thing you know, you’re thinking the pope makes a lot of sense and Christmas trees are lovely. Who needs that shit?
Reports came out after the story broke that the group really banned the samosas because of a health risk associated with bad meat being used. Of course they could have just banned the use of bad meat instead of one particular type of food that may or may not have contained it, but what the hell do I know?The French are known for a lot of things fries, toast, kissing, and also being intolerant assholes. No offense, French friends, but you guys have a bad rep in the world. And this story isn’t going to make it any better. Because “If you can’t be a pompous asshole, you’re doing something wrong” seems to be the motivation for a lot of stories that come out of France, the French decided to enact a ban on ketchup in public schools children would no longer be able to enjoy the sauce at lunch time. No more of the old Red Nectar, as no one calls it. The Heinz spigot was shut off.
Health concerns have nothing to do with the ketchup ban and, arguably, ketchup is a lot less harmful than most things you could eat. The true reason for the ban was to preserve Frenchness. In covering food in ketchup, kids weren’t experiencing the true wonder of French cuisine. Ketchup masks the taste of food, and kids would be losing out on this hallowed, revered, and much loved classic French cafeteria staple that we all know so well.
Imagine the cultural impact of a generation of children growing up unable to fully appreciate fromage a la cardboard or pomme du poubelle. It’s kind of terrifying when you think about it. Just think of what you lost in your own childhood, eating corn dogs and denying yourself the experience of a pure, unadulterated microwaved wiener on a stick, the way our ancestors enjoyed them at feasts.Anybody who enjoys a healthy and vibrant social life knows how important it is to look good. The look good factor has a direct effect on the feel good factor. Good looks can carry one far because it acts as a stimulant to self confidence and also does help climb the social ladder in style. Look around and it is not at all surprising to find to what ridiculous lengths women would go just to look a bit more beautiful than the rest. Hence it is no wonder why the annual turnover of the cosmetic industry is few times more than the annual military budget of a few developed countries combined.
Those looking for remedies to find cure for simple acne scars or wrinkles are overwhelmed and bewildered by the choice of treatments, cures and surgeries, available. Spas and skin clinics are multiplying by the dozens every month which reconfirms the demand for such products and services. Though botox treatments are common it is only the rich that can opt for such treatments and also by those who are not very bothered about the risks involved when glamour and beauty is at stake. Such is the power of beauty for those who have felt that sublime sense of pride and enjoyed its attention. It is addictive and powerful than any other drug and is directly connected to the ego. So do not mess with it.
The professional medi spa concept along with all the benefits of pampering is now an active ingredient of any woman’s lifestyle who is ‘a somebody’ or trying to be a some body in the society which simply translates into how much it is attention is being spent on looking, feeling and living healthy in today’s world. Also spa life is an ‘in’ thing that every body likes to indulge in to be counted in. Benefits are secondary. It is just that ‘just did it’ thing for many.
Yet there are simpler solutions, including a wise selection of skin care beauty products that people sometimes tend to over look just because of the lack of knowledge about the product or service and about what it could do to you. True, we were all born with beautiful, soft baby skin. Then we lost it to the sun, the dust and the chemicals in the air, to the toxins we breath, to the free radicals we produce, to hormones, to bad food habits in short, to the process of aging in a 21st century. While aging is natural its effects are on our skin are speeded up by our inescapable and unforgiving life styles.
If you are looking for means to win back that look and confidence of youthful soft skin that is rid of wrinkle lines, dark spots, pigmentation and to close all the wide open pimple pores that left its mark, try Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel Kit and other skin care beauty products. This new 3 step Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel consists of deep cleansing scrub made of micro beads, a skin care peel accelerator pad and a glycolic peel solution that works on your skin by cleansing it first before softening it for the foaming skin care peel to act on your skin for just ten min. But it is recommended to repeat the process a few times before your big day or a special occasion.
Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel’s simple 3 step process for skin exfoliation removes all the dead layers of derma cells exfoliating your skin to reveal healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel spreads an even tone and texture to the skin by closing all open pores and creating a flawless polished and shining skin. Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel’s is the best home spa solution to regain, preserve and prolong the intrinsic beauty of your youthful looking skin.
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