SeedRocket Stage

Los SeedRocket Stage son eventos para emprendedores con proyectos de base tecnológica que tienen lugar en diferentes ciudades de España.

Cada Stage consta de entre tres y cuatro días de formación y trabajo en los que los emprendedores tienen la oportunidad de contar con la asesoría de los mentores de SeedRocket, profesionales de referencia del sector TIC en España.

Entre todas las inscripciones recibidas se seleccionan entre 15 y 20 startups finalistas, que podrán participar en las sesiones teóricas y prácticas que se suceden a lo largo del stage, así como trabajar con los mentores. La formación impartida, cubre los puntos más importantes para una startup (finanzas, marketing y desarrollo de negocio) y los emprendedores tienen la oportunidad de aplicar de forma inmediata los conocimientos adquiridos.

Finalizado el Stage, los emprendedores tienen la oportunidad de presentar su plan de empresa ante un nutrido grupo de inversores privados y fondos de capital riesgo, además de los mentores y el equipo de SeedRocket.

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Stage anteriores:

Book giveaways are still a great book promotion idea despite having their flaws. They do several things to help you get your book into the public. First they let you get people to see the title of you book (The laws of marketing say they need to see the title at least 5 times to get them to buy it). Second, they might get you some reviews. Third, you might get added on to read bookshelves on Goodreads. Third, get their emails when they sign up. Fourth, get them added on to Twitter and Facebook for future marketing efforts.
Make your contests as viral as you can by using some of the newest online contest apps like Contest Domination and others. Viral contests let people share them and grow exponentially. They work the best with bigger giveaways like a kindle fire with your book already on it. Now that is a good book promotion idea.
I’d tell you to get a website, but if you didn’t already know this you may be hopeless. People don’t read just one book, so don’t look at them as competition, but help. Using each other and helping another’s marketing efforts can multiply each other’s. It is creating a network of like minded people with the same goal of book promotion.
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I always follow blog comments of the best commenters and most active. I love reading about what they have to say and knowing who they are. This opens the door for guest posting and having guests on your blog; a winning setup for future marketing. It also brings in a trickle of web traffic since people want to find out more information about your background.
You need to start getting your writing out there. Look for relevant blogs and magazines that have the content your book is similar too. Give them a personalized pitch about guest posting. Why you are interested and what it can do for them. It is a lot of work and a lot of no’s, but worth the effort. Team this up with the SEO you learned in number 3 and you are on to something.
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9. Take a Break from Book Promotion
Yes, that’s right. Just stop. You can’t do this every day without getting burned out. Take a break and get outside. You need to be creative to think of new book promotion ideas and without some freedom and movement you’ll be stuck in the same things. Creative will drive you to new ideas outside of this list that are creative and cutting edge, but it takes a long time wearing a thinking cap.
10. Books don’t expire and people still read books from 10 years ago and more. Take your time marketing and focus on 5 years, not 3 months. Nothing sells in 3 months besides iPhones.
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All of these book promotion ideas are assuming your book is good. You don’t want to go through all of this before you know your book is good and loved. So make sure you are edited and received your good quality feedback before deciding to market your book, because if you market trash, it is still trash at the end of the day.
William Yatscoff is the founder of Bookkus Publishing and Bookkaholic Book Magazine. He is the marketing manager of Bookkus Publishing dealing directly with publicity, marketing, advertising, and sales. Feel free to contact him on either site.
What others are readingCreating Catchy Slogans for a Cleaning Business: Tips and Samples For You to Use10 Best Selling Flea Market ItemsFactors That Influence Organizational Buying DecisionsHow Do Customers Rate Your Service?Business Open House Ideas: How to Hold a Successful EventThe Five Key Steps of the Marketing ProcessRemember These Great Company Slogans?What’s the Point of Content Generation?Sample Marketing Plan BudgetCommon Wholesale Pricing Formulas.I don remember the first time I heard Nirvana Unplugged album, but I remember when I first saw it. Late at night, in my granny house in Galway, it came on MTV. She had MTV, my house in Dublin didn So I would spend weeks during the summer sitting in her living room at night after she had gone to bed, watching Beavis and Butthead, and the types of music videos that MTV played at night; Prince Off and Madonna Sex, theatre, pop culture and music collided in these videos I felt I shouldn be allowed to watch. Kurt Cobain was already dead by the time the re run of Unplugged came on one evening, late in the summer of 1994. The album wasn out yet.
The next time I saw it was a few years later, in my friend Niamh house. She had it on VHS, and my family only had a VCR in our living room when my Dad would borrow an ancient top loading machine from the school he worked in for birthdays. I had one video, Disney and watched it every time the VCR appeared to the point that I knew the entire script off by heart. Myself and Niamh watched Unplugged so much that eventually the tape in the VHS cassette wore out, glitching annoyingly at crucial points.
I owned the album recording of the studio session (which switches the tracklisting around) on cassette first too. The first cassette was the album recorded on to a blank one by a friend. The second was bought in Borderline records. As many of you will remember, Borderline in Temple Bar had shelves that catalogued countless concert tapes of Nirvana with badly photocopied two tone printed sleeves and titles like Season In Hell and Rape Of The Vaults I would choose wisely each week, pulling at the sleeves of my Nirvana hoodie bought in Asha with thumbholes burned in the cuffs. At this point, I also had a heavy tape sharing habit amongst myself and my friends. We would swap and gift constantly, especially during the summer when we were less accessible and would post them to each other. Nirvana featured heavily. I bought all the Nirvana bootlegs I could find. And on holidays to Florida each summer (my mum worked for TWA), I would hit the record store in the local mall, eventually amassing every release Nirvana ever put out, including every version of every single, Japanese imports and interview CDs, including one CD recording of Courtney Love reading Cobain suicide note. One summer, I ordered one from a Floridian store, and returned a year later to collect it, without thinking that it was slightly strange that a record store would mind something for a year until this weird Irish 15 year old would come back to claim it, dollars earned from converting pounds from a paper round in hand. I think that was a different version of the As You Are single. Then I moved on to cover versions of Nirvana tracks. Ash put out on the Numbskull EP. Stereophonics (yes, seriously) covered In The Way on the second UK CD single release of A Part That New off the fan hat, and putting on a less partisan one,Nevermind has aged quite badly. The slick Butch Vig production takes away from from the songs as the years pass. It has written as Kobain in the sleeve. That, along with Kurt K Records tattoo led to a teenage obsession with the letter for me (again, seriously), and I would be lost for words years later when Calvin Johnson performed a gig in my living room. I couldn bring myself to ask him anything about Cobain. That would have been a lame thing to do anyway. I still love Incesticide, although I remember my mother balking at the cover of that and the amazing In Utero. But the spirit of Nirvana is in Unplugged.
It a perfect album, and shows how important constraints are in challenging a band to display a new dimension to their songs. Devoid of the buzzing amps and Telecasters, Nirvana were forced to think differently, and let their songs reveal themselves in a more gentle way, which ultimately unveiled a beauty behind the noise. Bringing appropriate covers into the mix introduced a generation of grunge heads to Bowie and Lead Belly.
Every Nirvana fan knows the stories, anecdotes and myths that surround that recording. How Cobain kept asking for more flowers to be brought out on set, about how he wanted the studio to be dressed as a funeral, in either a purposeful morbid sign off, or an accidentally prophetic coincidence. But it strange, really, that Unplugged, with Dave Grohl struggling not to play loudly on drums, and Pat Smear grinning from the sidelines on guitar, would become Nirvana most popular legacy. Perhaps their most acclaimed. It the most un Nirvana of records. For me, the joy of Nirvana was in their sheer grunginess, the mess of noise and indecipherable lyrics.
After school, I would go to Niamh house and listen to Nirvana and Hole. Or I would go to my mate Hannah Eve house and listen to Pretty On The Insideand talk about how cool Courtney Love was before stealing booze from her parents drink cabinet and running around Dalkey and Killiney in the dark ringing the buzzers on the mansions. Bono home? doesn live here. ok. Is Eddie Irvine around? go away, would you? Enya. This was around the time when there were still sporadic beach parties happening on the south side, which we were too dumb to realise were raves at the tail end of acid house and techno before dance music and ecstasy moved permanently into the clubs. We would fall asleep listening to Unplugged or Jeff Buckley Grace. My mate Burco was more into The Pixies, The Frames and Velvet Underground, and there was still a common line with Buckley. But Nirvana was always a constant.
When I eventually leave those houses, I go home, and sit on the stairs and ring Niamh and discuss Nirvana lyrics. Some were on the sleeves (in the case of In Utero) and others were written in notebooks I transcribed sitting close to the speaker. Transcribing lyrics was something I was big into. This had evolved from making my own radio logs from the age of 9 or 10. I completely forgot about this until a few years ago, I found a box of scrapbooks (those slightly bigger than A4 ones with green, blue and off red pages that had some kind of Aztec/Christmas jumper motif on the cover) in the attic documenting songs played on the radio: the station, the song title, the time, the artist and the DJ. Myself and Niamh would discuss why Cobain chose to say little group in one version of Smells Like Teen Spiritand little tribe in another. These staircase lessons probably formed the basis of an interest in the critical analysis of texts. She must have been kind of alarmed at the doom and gloom that filled the Nirvana fans songs. My one was written with my friend Orla and called Hole Terrible! black hole is scrawled on the page / I feel drawn in by its simple rage. of our bedrooms were covered in Nirvana posters. I eventually ran out of space and started taping them to the ceiling, nearly dying of fright one night when a two metre by one metre Kurt Cobain poster fell on me as I slept. We wrote Nirvana lyrics on the toilet doors of The International. We carved them into desks and tagged them on busses and Darts, and drew the smiley face logo in wet cement in the paths of Dun Laoghaire and Booterstown with sticks and rulers. We locked ourselves away listening to and learning A Girl on guitar. I bought plaid shirts and drew Daniel Johnston How Are You? cartoon badly on a white t shirt stolen from my Dad vest drawer. It seems kind of ridiculous now, but Nirvana were probably the third most important thing in my life as a teenager: 1. Family. 2. Friends. 3. Nirvana. I actually think I made that list at some point. Probably in the same copybook as some horrific grunge inspired depressing poetry which was stored in a folder covered with pictures of Nirvana cut out from music magazines.
It feels kind of crazed now to be into a band so much. I can completely identify with One Direction fans who are constantly slagged off and belittled. I sure the same people scoffing at their fandom were incredibly into something at one point to a degree that it felt like a large part of their life. Grown men have tattoos of football team crests and queue for hours for Apple products and dress up as Darth Vader at comic conventions and swoon over Morrissey, so One Direction fans screaming outside a hotel aren exactly that extreme.
Unpluggedcaptured the sweetness I knew Nirvana had but that had they rarely articulated before, aside from on In The Way and A Girl It also a real fan record, where you savour the between song banter, jokes and tunings as much as a the songs themselves. But while Nirvana albums were full of Cobain both physical and emotional pain, all of the tragedy of the band can be summed up in one moment on that record: Cobain sigh towards the end of Did You Sleep Last Night? It the most painful of exhalations. A full stop. Even though he appears jovial throughout the recording, that sigh makes you think that he was done and it was over, frustrated and sad, as if it had taken all of his energy to get through that said as the audience awkwardly whooped and no one knew who The Meat Puppets were. Notably frail, dressed in layers, when his vocal volume is eventually raised on that Lead Belly cover it almost sounds like a death rattle. The sigh. The end.New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party will release it manifesto for Delhi at noon on Wednesday. Sources say that the final manifesto ends with a personal appeal from the AAP, saying that this Delhi election is different from the previous ones.
The AAP is also promising to have a special cell under the Chief Minister’s office that will monitor the implementation of election promises. AAP also says that all MLAs and the Chief Minister will be judged annually based on manifesto implementation.
AAP’s manifesto comes at a time when there has been trouble brewing between anti corruption activist Anna Hazare and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. A video recording of Anna Hazare in a meeting in December 2012 has emerged before the Delhi polls.
The social activist is seen expressing his disappointment in the video where he says that more than Rs 3 crore that were given in his name during the Ramlila agitation were being misused. The Aam Aadmi Party says it is a part of a campaign to discredit Arvind Kejriwal before the assembly elections.
“Why was the CD released after 11 months? With just 15 days to go for Delhi polls? This is a political conspiracy. If anyone has any doubts, they can get us probed and make the findings public. If we are found guilty of misuse of any funds Arvind Kejriwal has already said that AAP will not contest any elections,” said AAP leader Sanjay Singh.
Earlier on Tuesday, Arvind Kejriwal sent his emissary Kumar Vishwas to Ralegan Siddhi after Anna raised some questions about the way Kejriwal was running his election campaign. Vishwas met Anna on Tuesday to explain AAP’s position on the issues raised by him especially regarding the fund mobilisation for political purposes, but Anna did not appear to be satisfied with the explanation.
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"Seedrocket ha sido clave en el acceso a inversores y en el desarrollo de Habitissimo. Gracias a Seedrocket hemos podido acceder a una amplia red de contactos de más alto nivel que nos han ayudado con sus consejos a crecer más rápido de lo que habíamos previsto inicialmente." (Jordi Ber, fundador de
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