What is SeedRocket?

SeedRocket offers a complete Seed Funding Venture Program for Entrepreneurs with technology-based startups.

Who can apply?

We are looking for technology oriented companies. We welcome applicants from any countries and backgrounds.

How can we get funding for our startup?

Apply online for one of our events and meet private investors, Business Angels and Venture Capital. See the full schedule or contact us if there is no aplication process open.

I am a single founder.

While we don’t discard applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. Investors use to prefer balanced teams who have a full range of skills and a startup is too much work for one person.

We don’t want funding. Does it still make sense to apply?

Money is a only a small part of what SeedRocket does. We provide advice, mentorship, connections… We also provide working and meeting spaces. SeedRocket is the perfect environment for your idea to grow.

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Ser uno de los ganadores del campus de SeedRocket ha supuesto una punto de inflexión a nuestro proyecto. Gracias a SeedRocket, hemos conseguido agrupar entre nuestros inversores a relevantes mentores del sector de internet que nos aportan consejos y capital para poder crecer lo más rápido posible.”Xavier Pladellorens, cofundador de Deporvillage.com
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