SeedRocket Facilities

We provide working and meeting spaces. By sharing a workspace, transfer of know-how among entrepreneurs is fluent and synergies are found more easily. SeedRocket is the perfect environment for your idea to grow. We enjoy working together with the best talents.

Joel Vicient y Jordi Ber

We provide an office of more than 200 square meters in Glories’ Business Incubator, at Barcelona Activa (Map). We share this office with more than 10 startups and SeedRocket mentors.

Barcelona, located in the north-east of Spain and on the shores of the Mediterranean, is one of the main European metropolises, and the center of an extensive region with a total population of 4.6 million habitants. It is the economic, cultural and administrative capital of Catalonia and leader of an emerging business area in the south of Europe which is made up of more than 800.000 companies and 17 million inhabitants. Barcelona is focusing on new strategic, competitive and international sectors, and it is consolidating its position as one of Europe’s principal metropolises.

Fifth-best city in Europe for business, it represent some 20% of the annual foreign investment in Spain. There are 2.700 foreign companies set up here.

SeedRocket will also help startups to get everything covered with minimal expense. We want entrepreneurs to focus on creating great products while they stay in SeedRocket, so we provide easy access to a wide range of suppliers for hosting, finance, product development consultancy, grants management…

“Para mi ha supuesto acceso a inversores que además de dinero aportan mucho valor añadido y que, además, ha sido un sello de credibilidad que ha suscitado el interés de muchos otros inversores”. Pablo Rabanal, fundador de
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